Office Security Tips You Need to Know

Office security can easily be overlooked and not much attention is paid to it as we would our homes. This however does not change the fact that office security is very important and cannot be over emphasized.

Office equipment and sensitive office data need to be secured at all times and in all places. We have put together a few tips to put you on the right track when it comes to securing your office space, equipment and documents.

Employee Screening Policy.

Your office would most likely be 100% secure until an insider collaborates with outsiders to invade the property. For maximum and basic office security, first step would be to protect your business from employee theft by implementing a hiring screening policy that includes criminal record checks and reference checks. Ask for copies of any relevant certifications or credentials.

Employee Access Control.

Implement a managed access control system with key-less entry to track and restrict who goes where and when. This will also allow you to easily disable access if an employee loses their card or no longer works for your company.

Employee Training.

Create and implement an in-depth training program on workplace safety and security, including how to properly lock up documents, protect passwords and secure the building. Also include your policy on employee theft and confidentiality agreements.

Lock-up Server Room.

Restrict access to your server room to those who have passed an in-depth security clearance, and use an access control management. Also, ensure your server room location cannot be accessed through neighbouring business’ common walls, that is, it should be in the middle of your facility.

Secure Workstations.

Disconnect and remove computers that are not currently being used. Lock all paperwork in filing cabinets and ensure to use a locked box for paperwork waiting to be shredded.

These tasks, as seemingly simple, would go a long way to save you and your organization a world of heartaches and financial expenses

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